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John Kenyon

Great comments Amy - you don't get if you don't ask :)

Amy Sample Ward

John! Thank you so much for this terrific post - I wanted to second every one of these suggestions. After a decade of coming to the NTC, you're certainly a pro. One thing I would add is that even though there is a large percentage of new attendees each year, the NTC is everyone's nonprofit tech family reunion. We really do want the conference to be all about you (all of "you") and part of making that happen is ensuring that you (again, all of "you") let us make it the best experience it can be: if something is confusing, ask; if you need help, let us know; if there's something we can help you with, just say so; if we can give you a hug, high five, point in the right direction, or a bandaid, we gladly will! NTEN staff will be stationed at customer service and registration at all times, as well as walking the halls to connect with attendees. We are there to help you have a great time!

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