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Thanks for writing about testimonials!

As a nonprofit fundraiser, I feel it is SO important to have testimonials from community leaders as well as clients at your nonprofit.

When I worked at a domestic violence nonprofit, it was hard to get people to come forward for testimonials, because of the confidential nature of our work. So we often had to take a conglomerate of stories and create one story, and just use a generic shadow to represent the person.

When we had fundraising events, we had to get someone to tell the story of a survivor, but we could always find a donor willing to tell why it was so important for them to give.

So videos for testimonials is a good idea, but you want to have other ways to connect to your cause as well. Graphs and charts showing how you've helped people, stock photos, etc. People respond differently to different forms of input, as shown in the 7 Faces of Philanthropy. I did a presentation on these faces here,

and I think it's useful to remember that everyone has different reasons for giving, and not everyone will be convinced by a video testimonial.



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